List of Miss Teen USA Winners from 1959-2023

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The Miss Teen USA opponents started in 1959 as a mail-in {photograph} contest by Teen journal. Quite a lot of years later, it began to be seen as a keep stage agent nut was held in an irregular vogue. It was solely since 1983 that the event began to occur yearly under the direct administration of the Miss Universe Organization. Beginning with the 2021 opponents, it has been organized as a licensed pageant. In the very first Miss Teen USA opponents held in 1959, 17 years outdated Peggy Collins from Louisiana was topped the winner. Susan McDannold is the one participant who has been launched with the winner title twice. In this textual content, the complete Miss Teen USA Winner List (1959-2023) has been provided.

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List of Miss Teen USA Winners

The desk beneath presents the guidelines of all Miss Teen USA Pageant Winners (along with their age on the time of the pageant and the state they belonged to) from its beginning in 1959 to the present event held in 2022. Miss Teen USA 2023 is about to occur this yr on the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

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Miss Teen USA 1959Peggy Collins17 yearsLouisiana
Miss Teen USA 1962Linda Henning15 yearsSouth Dakota
Miss Teen USA 1963Judy Adams16 yearsOhio
Miss Teen USA 1964Nancy SpryCalifornia
Miss Teen USA 1965Susan Henning18 yearsCalifornia
Miss Teen USA 1966Cindy Lewis
Miss Teen USA 1968Pamela Martin18 yearsMichigan
Miss Teen USA 1980Susan McDannold19 yearsWest Virginia
Miss Teen USA 1981Tammy Jo Hopkins17 yearsNebraska
Miss Teen USA 1981Susan McDannold19 yearsWest Virginia
Miss Teen USA 1982Hugrun Ragnarsson18 yearsNew York
Miss Teen USA 1983Ruth Zakarian         17 yearsNew York
Miss Teen USA 1984Cherise Haugen17 yearsIllinois
Miss Teen USA 1985Kelly Hu16 yearsHawaii
Miss Teen USA 1986Allison Brown17 yearsOklahoma
Miss Teen USA 1987Kristi Addis16 yearsMississippi
Miss Teen USA 1988Mindy Duncan         16 yearsOregon
Miss Teen USA 1989Brandi Sherwood18 yearsIdaho
Miss Teen USA 1990Bridgette Wilson16 yearsOregon
Miss Teen USA 1991Janel Bishop17 yearsNew Hampshire
Miss Teen USA 1992Jamie Solinger17 yearsIowa
Miss Teen USA 1993Charlotte Lopez16 yearsVermont
Miss Teen USA 1994Shauna Gambill17 yearsCalifornia
Miss Teen USA 1995Keylee Sue Sanders18 yearsKansas
Miss Teen USA 1996Christie Lee Woods18 yearsTexas
Miss Teen USA 1997Shelly Moore18 yearsTennessee
Miss Teen USA 1998Vanessa Minnillo17 yearsSouth Carolina
Miss Teen USA 1999Ashley Coleman17 yearsDelaware
Miss Teen USA 2000Jillian Parry18 yearsPennsylvania
Miss Teen USA 2001Marissa Whitley18 yearsMissouri
Miss Teen USA 2002Vanessa Semrow17 yearsWisconsin
Miss Teen USA 2003Tami Farrell         18 yearsOregon
Miss Teen USA 2004Shelley Hennig17 yearsLouisiana
Miss Teen USA 2005Allie LaForce16 yearsOhio
Miss Teen USA 2006Katie Blair18 yearsMontana
Miss Teen USA 2007Hilary Cruz18 yearsColorado
Miss Teen USA 2008Stevi Perry         18 yearsArkansas
Miss Teen USA 2009Stormi Henley18 yearsTennessee
Miss Teen USA 2010Kamie Crawford17 yearsMaryland
Miss Teen USA 2011Danielle Doty18 yearsTexas
Miss Teen USA 2012Logan West18 yearsConnecticut
Miss Teen USA 2013Cassidy Wolf19 yearsCalifornia
Miss Teen USA 2014Ok. Lee Graham17 yearsSouth Carolina
Miss Teen USA 2015Katherine Haik15 yearsLouisiana
Miss Teen USA 2016Karlie Hay18 yearsTexas
Miss Teen USA 2017Sophia Domínguez-Heithoff17 yearsMissouri
Miss Teen USA 2018Hailey Colborn17 yearsKansas
Miss Teen USA 2019Kaliegh Garris18 yearsConnecticut
Miss Teen USA 2020Kiʻilani Arruda18 yearsHawaii
Miss Teen USA 2021Breanna Myles18 yearsFlorida
Miss Teen USA 2022Faron Medhi18 yearsNebraska
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the first specific individual to be ever topped the Miss Teen USA title?
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Peggy Collins

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Who was the first black Miss Teen USA?Read more

Kaliegh Garris

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Which state holds the report for a lot of Miss Teen USA titles?Read more

Texas (3)

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Who holds the title of Miss Teen USA 2023?Read more

The title forMiss Teen USA 2023 stays to be to be awarded.

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Who gained the ultimate Miss Teen USA title?Read more

Faron Medhi

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