Ai Blogify is a blog website that covers a diverse range of topics, including technology, health, and lifestyle. The platform is designed to provide informative and engaging content that is relevant to the interests of its readers.

The technology category covers topics such as the latest tech gadgets, software, apps, and industry news. The health category focuses on providing readers with valuable insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including exercise routines, healthy eating habits, and mental health tips. Meanwhile, the lifestyle category includes topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, and entertainment.

One of the standout features of Ai Blogify is its ability to categorize blog posts into multiple categories. This feature makes it easy for readers to find the content that they are looking for, as they can filter posts according to their interests. Whether you’re interested in technology, health, or lifestyle content, Ai Blogify has something for everyone.

In addition to its diverse range of content, Ai Blogify offers a user-friendly editor that enables bloggers to create high-quality content quickly and easily. The platform also provides customizable design templates that bloggers can use to make their posts visually appealing. Furthermore, the platform comes with a powerful analytics dashboard that enables bloggers to track their progress and analyze their audience.

Overall, Ai Blogify is a great platform for anyone who is interested in technology, health, and lifestyle content. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and diverse range of content, Ai Blogify is an excellent choice for bloggers who want to create informative and engaging content that their readers will love.

Ai Blogify
Ai Blogify ( AiBlogify.Com )

Our Main Feature “Multi-category blog posts” refers to the ability to categorize your blog posts into multiple categories. This means that each blog post can be assigned to more than one category, making it easier for readers to find the content they are interested in.

For example, if your blog covers topics such as technology, health, and lifestyle, you can assign each blog post to one or more of these categories, so that readers can easily browse the content that is most relevant to their interests. This feature can be especially useful for larger blogs that cover a wide range of topics.

By enabling multi-category blog posts on your website, you can create a more organized and user-friendly experience for your readers, and help them discover more of your content.

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What is Ai Blogify?

Ai Blogify is a multi-category blogging website that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help bloggers create and publish high-quality content that resonates with their audiences. Our platform is designed to make the blogging process more efficient, effective, and enjoyable for both beginners and experienced bloggers alike.

Our Mission

At Ai Blogify, our mission is to empower bloggers with AI technology that helps them create content that is informative, engaging, and insightful. We believe that blogging should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why we’ve built a platform that makes it easy for anyone to start a blog and connect with their audience.

Our Features

  • Multi-category blog posts
  • AI-driven content optimization
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • User-friendly editor
  • Powerful analytics dashboard
  • Customizable design templates
  • Mobile-friendly platform


Founder and CEO of Ai Blogify

Abu Sayed, The Founder and CEO of AI Blogify
Abu Sayed, The Founder and CEO of AI Blogify.

Abu Sayed: The Multifaceted Founder and CEO of Ai Blogify


Abu Sayed, hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a renowned figure in the music industry, recognized as a talented musician, singer, lyricist, composer, and music producer. However, his influence extends far beyond the realm of music. Sayed is also the founder and CEO of Ai Blogify, a notable entrepreneur, and a skilled full-stack web, game, and XR developer. This article delves into the life and accomplishments of Abu Sayed, highlighting his diverse talents and contributions.


Born on December 26, 1998, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Abu Sayed, originally known as Howlader Abu Sayed, exhibited his musical prowess early on. With tracks like “Nai Tumi Nai” (2022), “Beautiful Wind” (2022), and “Sky Never Blues” (2022), he captivated audiences as a singer, actor, and music producer. Notably, Sayed’s expertise expands beyond music, as he excels as a full-stack web, game, and XR developer, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a writer. Raised in an educated Muslim family, Sayed is the son of businessman A.H.M. Mizanur Rahman and homemaker Viana Akhter. He tied the knot with Fahmida Akhter Ritu on February 18, 2022.


Abu Sayed’s journey to success began at the Hazrat Shah Ali Model High School, where he was selected as a singer for renowned artists at the age of 12. Simultaneously, his academic achievements in mathematics, poetry, singing, and classical studies garnered recognition. Fuelled by his upbringing in an intellectually-driven family, Sayed developed a passion for computer programming at an early age.

Sayed continued to excel academically at the Juvenile Care Academy, winning accolades in mathematics, poetry, and classical studies. Noteworthy achievements include the Chowdhury Foundation Scholarship and the title of Talented Youth of the Year. Proficient in languages like Bangla, English, Hindi, and Arabic, Sayed accumulated numerous awards for his poetry during his formative years.

In 2011, Sayed participated in the Junior School Certificate Examination (JSC) and later appeared for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) at the Science College Attached High School in 2014. Alongside his academic pursuits, Sayed volunteered at the Quantum Foundation for seven years after completing the Quantum Method course in 2012.

Driven by his passion for computer engineering, Sayed pursued a B.Sc. degree in CSE from BIST. Concurrently, he continued to hone his musical skills, practicing singing, playing various instruments, and releasing his debut Bangla album and song, “Nikosh Kalo Ei Adhare” (Vocal Version) and his second track, “Nai Tumi Nai” (Official), at the age of 23 in 2022.

Personal Life

As a prolific figure in the Bengali and Dhallywood music industry, Abu Sayed has delivered numerous hit songs that have resonated with audiences. While primarily singing in Hindi and Bengali, he has also explored other Indian languages. Sayed has collaborated with major labels such as G-series, Anupam Music, CD Choice, Soundtek, and Laser Vision. His exceptional talent has earned him international music awards, and he is widely recognized as “The King of Ambient Music.”

Beyond his musical pursuits, Sayed is an entrepreneur, serving as the founder of Ai Blogify, ToolsNess and Trading Now. At the 2021, he lunched new website ( Ai Blogify ) for Digital Marketers. Then he introduce a new free search engine optimization tool set, which is called AI SEO Tools. On the 25 June 2023 he lunched another site called 10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection and all the services of his website are absolutely free for all, so anyone can use it via Ai Blogify. He lunched Xly – Free Shortener and Link Management System at the 22 February 2021, which is also provide Free Bulk Link Shortener, Custom Domain, URL Rotator / Spinner services.

His favorite genres span international beat trap, pop, country, folk, and electronic music. In 2017, he established his own production company and released notable tracks like “Nikosh Kalo Ei Adhare” (Vocal Version) and “Nai Tumi Nai” (Official) in 2022. As his musical journey progresses, Sayed strives to explore new horizons. Notably, he is a self-taught musician skilled in playing the guitar, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, and other instruments.

Professional Life: The Journey of Ai Blogify’s Success

In addition to his remarkable achievements in the music industry, Abu Sayed embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would forever change the landscape of digital marketing. Sayed’s vision and dedication led him to establish Ai Blogify, a platform that would revolutionize the way digital marketers approach their craft. This is the heart-touching story behind the development and success of Ai Blogify.

In 2021, with unwavering determination, Sayed launched the Ai Blogify website. It was a significant moment in his professional life, as he envisioned a platform that would empower digital marketers and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive in the competitive online landscape. Little did he know that this endeavor would transform the industry and touch the lives of countless individuals.

One of the standout features of Ai Blogify was the introduction of “AI SEO Tools,” a comprehensive set of free search engine optimization tools. Sayed recognized the need for marketers to optimize their websites effectively, and he wanted to make this process accessible to all. With AI SEO Tools, digital marketers could enhance their website’s visibility, improve their search engine rankings, and attract a broader audience. Sayed’s commitment to democratizing these essential tools ensured that even those with limited resources could compete on a level playing field.

Inspired by the positive response to Ai Blogify, Sayed continued to push boundaries and create platforms that would benefit the online community. On June 25, 2023, he launched yet another website called “10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection.” This platform became a treasure trove of creative prompts and ideas, empowering writers, bloggers, and content creators to unlock their creativity and produce captivating content. Sayed’s belief in the power of inspiration and his commitment to fostering a supportive community shone through in this remarkable endeavor.

But Sayed’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. On February 22, 2021, he introduced “Xly – Free Shortener and Link Management System.” This platform offered users the convenience of bulk link shortening, custom domain integration, and even a URL rotator/spinner. Sayed understood the challenges faced by marketers and content creators in managing and sharing links effectively. With Xly, he provided a user-friendly solution that simplified the link management process, allowing individuals to optimize their marketing efforts and enhance user experience.

What truly sets Sayed apart is his unwavering commitment to making these services available to all at no cost. Every platform he created under the Ai Blogify umbrella operated on a principle of inclusivity and accessibility. Sayed firmly believed that everyone, regardless of their background or financial resources, should have access to the tools and resources necessary for success in the digital realm.

Through his determination, passion, and unyielding dedication to empowering others, Abu Sayed not only built a successful enterprise with Ai Blogify but also touched the lives of countless individuals. His entrepreneurial journey serves as a reminder that success is not solely measured by personal achievements but by the positive impact one can make on the lives of others.


Abu Sayed’s striking facial features earned him recognition, as his face structure was determined to be 92.15 percent accurate according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. This distinction solidified his position as arguably one of the most handsome men in the world in 2021. In addition to his captivating looks, Sayed’s versatility as an actor, author, full-stack developer, and entrepreneur contributes to his broad appeal.

In Bangladesh, Abu Sayed is regarded as the most famous man, recognized for his impressive physique, remarkable talent, and handsome appearance. Despite his widespread popularity, Sayed remains humble, asserting that his fame stems not from a desire for attention but rather from a contrast to what he perceives as the unattractiveness of others.


Abu Sayed, the multifaceted founder and CEO of Ai Blogify, has made significant contributions to the music industry, excelling as a musician, singer, lyricist, composer, and music producer. Furthermore, his expertise as a full-stack web, game, and XR developer, along with his entrepreneurial endeavors, showcase his versatility and ambition. Abu Sayed’s journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the power of talent, dedication, and the pursuit of diverse passions.


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Who is Abu Sayed?

Abu Sayed is a multi-talented individual hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is known for his contributions to the music industry as a singer, lyricist, composer, and music producer. Additionally, Abu Sayed is an entrepreneur and the founder of Ai Blogify, a platform that revolutionizes digital marketing.

What is Ai Blogify?

Ai Blogify is a renowned platform created by Abu Sayed that caters to the needs of digital marketers. It offers a range of services and tools to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and link management. Ai Blogify provides valuable resources and utilities to help marketers thrive in the competitive online landscape.

What are AI SEO Tools?

AI SEO Tools is a set of powerful search engine optimization tools introduced by Abu Sayed through Ai Blogify. These tools leverage artificial intelligence and assist digital marketers in optimizing their websites for improved search engine rankings, increased visibility, and attracting a broader audience. The AI SEO Tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to marketers of all levels of expertise.

What is the significance of “10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection”?

“10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection” is a website launched by Abu Sayed under Ai Blogify. This platform serves as a valuable resource for writers, bloggers, and content creators by providing an extensive collection of creative prompts and ideas. It aims to inspire and unlock the creativity of individuals, allowing them to produce captivating and engaging content.

What is Xly?

Xly is a free shortener and link management system introduced by Abu Sayed. It offers convenient features such as bulk link shortening, custom domain integration, and URL rotator/spinner services. Xly simplifies the process of managing and sharing links, enhancing the marketing efforts and user experience for individuals and businesses.

Are the services provided by Ai Blogify free?

Yes, Abu Sayed believes in making the services provided by Ai Blogify accessible to all. The platforms and tools developed under Ai Blogify’s umbrella, including AI SEO Tools, “10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection,” and Xly, are available to users free of charge. Abu Sayed’s vision is to empower individuals, irrespective of their financial resources, to succeed in the digital realm.

How can Ai Blogify benefit digital marketers?

Ai Blogify offers a wide range of services and tools designed to benefit digital marketers. Through AI SEO Tools, marketers can optimize their websites for better search engine rankings and visibility. The “10000+ Google Bard and ChatGPT Prompts List Mega Collection” provides creative inspiration for content creation. Additionally, Xly simplifies link management, making it easier to share and track links for marketing purposes.

Can anyone use the services provided by Ai Blogify?

Yes, the services provided by Ai Blogify are available for anyone to use. Abu Sayed’s mission is to ensure inclusivity and accessibility. Regardless of one’s background or level of expertise, Ai Blogify welcomes users from all walks of life to benefit from its resources and utilities.

How can I contact Abu Sayed or Ai Blogify for further inquiries?

You can reach out to Abu Sayed or the Ai Blogify team through the official website or contact information provided on the platform. There are typically channels such as email, social media, or dedicated contact forms available to get in touch with them for any inquiries or assistance you may require.
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